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Our Minerals and Balancers Range

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DBG Minerals

Specifically formulated for different production requirements, our range of DBG minerals are produced using high quality raw materials and can be offered on a free access basis or incorporated into the feed.



Our TMR range of minerals are a cost-effective option, designed to be mixed into feed.


Simply Green Range (Organic)

Developed to help support health and performance in organic farming systems, Simply Green is a tried and tested micronutrient solution suitable for all categories of livestock. As a source of natural micronutrients, our Simply Green range has been formulated to include seaweed and is specifically designed to meet the guidelines set out by Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA).



Often referred to as ‘top of the range’, our proSolve products offer producers a specialised mineral option to help drive health and productivity of livestock. These products can be offered on a free access basis or incorporated into the feed.


Premium Goat Balancer

Our Premium Goat Balancer provides a natural supplement specially formulated for the unique requirements of goats, helping to improve gut health, a healthy immune system as well as overall wellbeing and performance.



MasterFeed helps to elevate rations with concentrated protein and energy for a cost-effective option when balancing cereal and forage diets.


LMF Minerals

Specifically developed to support livestock situated in Scotland, LMF minerals are formulated to compliment the grazed environment, balancing nutritional needs to support health and production in dairy, beef and sheep.

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