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B2B product range

EnduraBol® Boluses

The cattle boluses within the EnduraBol® range provide a sustained release of trace elements and vitamins for up to 240 days, to reduce the risk of dietary imbalances in a herd. Each pack of 20 boluses allows for treatment of 10 cattle in one simple application, using a specific applicator, which is also available to retail.


Well-Bird Pecking Block®

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Well-Bird Pecking Blocks® are specifically designed to satisfy a bird’s natural desire to forage, explore, scratch and peck. The enrichment blocks are the perfect texture and density to gratify without interfering with a bird’s diet, therefore alleviating stress and helping to reduce feather pecking.


Poultry 7 Liquids

Our premium range of highly concentrated health and nutrient poultry liquids provide cost-effective solutions to help minimise stress and support health to maximise production potential and profitability.



All-natural 24hr Ecological Support. Provides a targeted approach to impeding exogenic challenges through an all-natural feed technology. Available in a 1kg bottle. Reduce chemial dependance and maximise productivity.



Available in powder or liquid form and used to support gut health through all-natural feed technology.


Ketona Pro

Maximises liver function by unlocking energy reserves in dairy cows. Ketona Pro is formulated to bridge the energy gap seen at the onset of milk production. Without this ‘bridge’ there can be a bottleneck in the liver, leading to ketosis. Available in powder or liquid form.


Sheeplic® Buckets

High energy and protein feed and mineral buckets. Our popular Sheeplic® All in One also contains added fish oil for breeding ewes to support optimal health, fertility and performance.



Our weather resistant, broad-spectrum, Zintec® range of mineral buckets are specially formulated with a low molasses level (under 25%) for everyday supplementation. Included in the range is our ever popular 3 in 1 bucket, which helps to maintain overall flock health and wellbeing.


Animal Health

The animal health collection of products includes various brands including Stockbooster, which provides a burst of vital trace elements and vitamins, Aquatrace® tablets, which can be added to water, as well as several targeted nutritional products for specific situations such as bulling, calving, turnout, or digestive upset.



Delivers improved ruminant animal health through grass. Applying Grasstrac to pasture provides multiple benefits including maximised mineral intake, optimised health and enhanced performance.

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