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Bolusing Cattle

Brinibol® Boluses

The cattle boluses within the BriniBol® range provide a sustained release of trace elements and vitamins for up to 240 days, to reduce the risk of dietary imbalances in a herd. Each pack of 20 boluses allows for treatment of 10 cattle in one simple application, using a specific applicator, which is also available to retail.



Our Stockbooster Drench and Cattle Caps deliver a burst of vital trace elements and vitamins to drive optimal performance and balance micronutrient levels.



Products within the Aquatrace® range are designed to provide focused solutions for specific situations. The products can be added to drinking water to provide a balance of required elements.



Our Calf-Mate Syringes are an instant solution to help reduce digestive upset to maximise a lifetime of potential.


Imutein® Extra

To support newborn stock in the early stages of life, the Imutein® Extra range of products include a colostrum blend, calf caps and paste, which are all specifically tailored to maximise survival potential for a lifetime of good health.

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