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Dairy cows


There is a variety of factors that come into consideration when aiming to optimise the productivity and wellbeing of dairy cattle. While breeding, genetics and general herd management all play a crucial role, optimum nutrition is important for stock to fulfil their production potential and can help support key areas including fertility, hoof health and immunity to disease.



Success at calving time can have a huge effect on overall farm profitability with the health of both the cow and calf essential for productivity and the future success of the herd.

Many of the issues and risks that occur prior to calving can be minimised by effective stock management and good nutrition.

Youngstock calf

Calf and Youngstock

Getting youngstock off to a good start is key to future productivity and ultimately business viability.

The optimum pre-weaning goal is to produce a healthy calf to allow it to prosper into adulthood. Effective nutrition, in combination with disease prevention and good stock management, provides a key opportunity to influence this.

Suckler cow

Suckler Cow

It can be costly to keep a suckler cow, and with tight margins, it is crucial that she produces a viable calf every 365 days.

Alongside cow health and good management, effective nutrition is integral to achieving this goal and makes a particularly important contribution to fertility, calving ease and calf vigour and performance.

Beef finishing

Beef Finishing

Attention to detail at all stages is imperative to make the best return on investment when finishing bulls, steers, or heifers, with profits driven from well-grown and efficiently finished animals that meet market specifications.

Maximising animal health and performance while minimising the cost of production is the overarching aim and effective nutrition has a key role in achieving the best margin possible.

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