Our proSolve Range

Often referred to as ‘top of the range’, our proSolve products offer producers a specialised mineral option to help drive health and productivity of livestock. These products can be offered on a free access basis or incorporated into the feed.

Mineral Balancers

Yeast-Ex Nutripak

Targeted supplement for improved feed conversion efficiency

Crina Nutripak

Delivers essential digestive performance

Quick Serve

Supports fertility and helps tighten calving period for easier stock management

Cattle Conditioner

A carefully formulated mineral mix to help balance trace element deficiencies and optimise skin health

Thrivon Omega 3

Supports the bloom, shine and appearance of livestock

Ewe Flusher Mineral

To aid fertility, tighten lambing periods and increase lambing percentage


Dual activity protection from mycotoxins while helping to support immune function


Respiratory support for a lifetime of performance

Acetona Liquid

Unlocking energy by mobilising fat reserves for production