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Our Liquids & Feeding Equipment Range

We manufacture and supply a wide range of advanced ruminant nutritional solutions to businesses across the globe. Find out about some of our products below or contact us for more information and advice here.



Sheep liquid ball feeder


Our premium selection of Easi liquids are fully formulated and rich in essential nutrients, with a high dry matter content, to achieve totally balanced rations (TBR) while supporting sheep and cattle in a variety of situations.



The products within our Blend liquid range offer a fully formulated yet cost-effective solution to help balance livestock needs, whether that be protein, energy, or specific nutrients such as magnesium.



Our Economix range consists of protein, energy, and magnesium product options. The free-flowing liquid form is ideal for home-mixing into Total Mixed Rations (TMR) with the added benefits of dust suppression and increased palatability.



The Brinicombe Value liquid range does what it says on the tin in terms of delivering a high quantity, value-through-volume liquid, with a minimum order of 3,000 litres.


Liquid Packs

Liquid packs contain targeted problem-solving liquid minerals with a vitamin top-up for a range of specific situations such as calving, hoof health, lambing and iodine deficiencies.


Liquid Feeders

To provide the most appropriate feeding solution for every stock type and situation, we offer an extensive range of liquid feeding equipment for efficient and cost-effective feeding.

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