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Lambing ewe


A successful lambing season can have a huge effect on overall farm profitability, with the health of the ewe as well as the health and vigour of the lamb being essential for productivity and the future success of the flock.

Incremental improvements in the number of viable lambs born can make a huge difference to the bottom line, with good nutrition being a crucial component in meeting targets.

Lamb growth and finishing

Lamb Growing and Finishing

Ensuring an efficient growing and finishing period has a major impact on margins, whether rearing for ewe replacements or meat production.

Pre-emptive planning of nutrition, in combination with good disease control measures, will support productivity through lower mortality and efficient growth rates.

Ewe fertility

Ewe Fertility

A successful tupping period sets the foundation for a profitable flock and can make a huge difference in the number of lambs for market. Tackling fertility means taking a fresh look at the whole flock system, then setting realistic targets for improvement.

Achieving target lambing percentage within a compact lambing period requires careful nutritional management and planning ahead of tupping, but a focus on pre-preparation will pay dividends.

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