Liquid Packs

Liquid Packs

Liquid packs contain targeted problem-solving liquid minerals with a vitamin top-up for a range of specific situations such as calving, hoof health, lambing and iodine deficiencies. Each individual pack is 1000 litres.


Liquid Calver Pack

Essential for supporting a healthy immune system for cow and calf. Reduces risk of retained cleansings, improves colostrum quality and calf vigour while reducing the risk of still birth

Liquid Hoof Pack

Improves hoof integrity by not only giving essential building blocks but also opening up the nutritional path ways for the hoof

Liquid Lamber Pack 

Essential for supporting a healthy immune system for lamb and ewe. Improves colostrum quality and lamb vigour

Liquid Vitality Pack

Essential for fertility, vigour, foetal absorption, retained cleansings and overall production. Also balances iodine deficiency