Training on Offer to Advance RAMA’s Knowledge on Bolus Use in Cattle

B2B Nutrition, the trade arm of Brinicombe, has produced a CPD accredited training video to help strengthen Registered Animal Medicines Advisers’ (RAMA) knowledge on the role of trace element and vitamin boluses in beef and dairy production systems.

The training module which aims to help RAMA’s deliver the latest advice on bolus technology provides an overview of bolus structure and how they work within the animal. The module also looks at the role of key trace elements and highlights some common deficiencies in cattle and the clinical symptoms to look out for.

Tom Butler, technical manager for the Brinicombe group, developed the online module and says cattle boluses, such as B2B Nutrition’s EnduraBol® range, are becoming an increasingly popular way to supplement trace elements and vitamins.

“Boluses can be used to balance inconsistencies in grazed grass or forage. A sustained release pattern allows key trace elements and vitamins to be continually topped-up, ensuring that cattle receive optimal micronutrition to support productivity.

“Micronutrients can often be overlooked but they are usually the first thing that runs out in the biological system and should form an integral part of nutritional programmes for beef and dairy systems,” says Mr Butler.

As a CPD accredited unit, viewers will accumulate two AMTRA points for completing the training that should take approximately 25 minutes to complete. The module is available to complete and refer to on the VBMS training platform for 12 months.

To complete the CPD module please visit the SQP Training platform.