More than Garlic is Needed to Deter Flies

Repel-Ex™ is the result of development work carried out by the Denis Brinicombe Group that has proved to be a sure way to reduce the impact of flies on grazing cattle.

Based on a unique compound of 15 organic and inorganic natural elements and extracts Repel-Ex™ was developed by the Group’s Technical Department. The compound is formulated so that when cattle consume it the active elements will seep out through sweat glands and skin pores. These elements are also found in the fluids around the eyes and nose. The whole effect being a shield-like odour surrounding the individual animal, which flies find inhospitable.

“In our early research we found that adding garlic alone to a mineral tub had little effect. This lead us into further research and we found that the combined effect of the fifteen herbs and spices in Repel-Ex™ produced the desired response,” said James Brinicombe, Group Director. “Cattle grazing in the summer while having access to the tubs are considerably less affected by flies. They can be seen grazing contentedly in the middle of fields while other groups, which do not have access to a tub, are standing around under trees and hedges,” he added.

Recent research has found that grazing cattle suffering from fly nuisance can lose the growth potential of between 60-300g/h/day in live weight gains. This can have a significant impact in a grazing season, which may span 180 days.

Repel-Ex™ is available in two of the Group’s well-known Tubby range. Tub Fly that is a non-molassed mineral tub based on the well-proven Suckler Licking Stone rich in trace elements including selenium and vitamin E and protected copper. Live Active Yeast-Ex to aid rumen function and feed utilisation is also included.

The second application is as an addition to the Easi Calver Tubby, for use pre-calving dairy or suckler cows. Again, a non-molassed mineral tub, high in magnesium with zero calcium, it is high in selenium, vitamin E and protected copper. Additionally, it contains Acetona as an aid against Ketosis.