International Equine Think Product Range

We manufacture and supply a wide range of supplement solutions for horses within our Think range, covering all equine needs ranging from digestion, calming, breathing conditioning and fly repellent. A short overview of each product is outlined below:

Think Pink

Keep your horse in the pink, optimum digestion leads to better performance

Think Fly – spray, liquid, and tub

Natural organic protection, reducing the need for chemicals

Think Boost

Think boost oral paste syringe provides an instant supply of energy to optimise recovery for performance horses.

Think Hydrate

Think hydrate oral paste syringe is packed full of electrolytes to maximise rehydration and recovery

Think Calm – supplement and syringe

Natural option to achieve a calm, collective performance.

Think Garlic Plus

Think garlic plus is a carefully manufactured garlic product, which uses garlic extracts to provide all the goodness of a fresh garlic bulb, without the risks.

Think Flex           

Helping to support optimum mobility and joint health in equine athletes.

Think Hoof – supplement and spray

Supports growth and development of strong, healthy hooves.

Think Strong

Designed to support the development of a strong frame

Think Sand

Aids digestion flow to help reduce the risk of sand colic and associated problems

Think Ice

A topical cooling, triple action clay for muscle, joint and tendon recovery.

Think Endurance

Helping the performance horse to retain higher levels of water to prevent dehydration.

Think Excelerate

Boosting energy metabolism for optimum performance.