Evaluation of the Effectiveness of EndoQuell® Powder in Weaning Piglet Diets

Zinc oxide for therapeutic use in pigs will be banned in 2022 as a result of new regulations and the industry is currently seeking viable alternatives to avoid reverting to antibiotics. EndoQuell® Powder is designed to replace zinc oxide and has been formulated as an immune booster and gut health enhancer for piglets. The use of zinc oxide has already been banned in The Netherlands which has resulted in lower than normal DLWG and increased health issues such as diarrhoea. This has significantly increased antibiotic usage to an undesirable level.

Dutch Trial

Piglet housing: Piglets are received from the weaning/farrowing sheds at various weights and then housed in single sex groups of 45-50 head.

Current farm conditions:

  • 2.2% mortality post weaning
  • Use of Pen-Strep (Penicillin and Streptomycin) and Florkem (Florfenicol). (These antibiotics are injected into the neck for 5 consecu-tive days).
  • Meningitis is a common issue in piglets and is caused by Streptococ-cus suis and E-Coli
  • “Water Ear” is also a problem in post weaning piglet groups, Staphylo-coccus hyicus (greasy pigs)

Feeding strategy on-farm

Feed type Royal De Heus Piglet Pellets
When fed 7 days before weaning
Piglets/feeding places 8 piglets per 1 station
Piglets/drinking places 10 piglets per 1 station
Room temperature 25°C
Target weaning age 26 days

EndoQuell® Powder was delivered to De Heus mill in North Friesland. It was incorporated into the piglet ration at 2.5Kg/tonne during March 2020 and then delivered to the trial site feeding from April 2020. During manufacture, temperatures of 60°C were experienced in the mixer and up to 80°C during pressing for 20 seconds with a rapid drop in temperature thereafter.


  • The feed intake of the piglets for the first three days after weaning and throughout the trial remained at expected levels with the inclusion of EndoQuell®
  • There were no deaths caused by disease throughout the period of feeding EndoQuell®
  • The piglets were clean and dry when normally, they are prone to being dirty
  • The piglets were much calmer than normal whilst being herded and loaded onto the lorry when being taken to the grower/finisher unit.


EndoQuell® targets gut health by improving the immune system of the animal. EndoQuell® can form part of the solution for weaning piglets in conjunction with the lowering of overall protein content and the use of synthetic individual amino acids. This enables the safe withdrawal of therapeutic zinc oxide without having to re-introduce antibiotics for the successful weaning.

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