Aqua Nutrition Evolves Through Science

Thinking ahead to protect the future of fish farming

Through our continued research and development, the true potential of the diallyl polysulphide family has been established and today is incorporated into our PST22® technology.

Teaming our nutrition expertise with the cutting-edge PST22® technology, we have developed Ectogon-284®, which has been specifically designed to benefit fish health.

Ectogon-284® fish farm trial - Greece
Trial background

Hatchery through to finishing at 15-16 months in sea cages

Breeds of fish:

  • Sea Bass
  • Amber Jack
  • Sea Bream
  • Red Sea Bream

Current challenges:

  • Sparicotyle Chrysophrii
  • High mortality rate
  • Poor feed conversion ratios
Trial setup

Young fish, weighing 2 – 200g, were pulse fed on alternative days, with Ectogon-284® sprayed onto the feed at a rate of 1.2kg/tonne. Mature fish, weighing 200-500g, were fed for seven days at the start of each month, with Ectogon-284® sprayed onto the feed at a rate of 0.6kg/tonne.

Trial findings
  • Mortality rate reduced by 32%
  • Higher oxygen in the gill
  • Eradicated Sparicotyle Chrysophrii
  • Overall reduced parasitic invasion
  • Daily liveweight gain increase:
    • Control: 30-40g over 35 days
    • Trial: 70-80g over 35 days
  • Higher levels of immunoglobulins
  • Feed conversion ratio:
    • Control: 2.50g food = 1g fish liveweight
    • Trial: 1.83g food = 1g fish liveweight
  • 37% increase in feed efficiency
  • Reduction in feed cost

“We farm Sea Bream and Bass and have used Ectogon-284® for almost two years. We have found a reduction in fish mortality and better results with ectoparasites. This helps lead to a better feed conversion ratio and better feed efficiency on the farm.”

Yanis, Lion SA, Chalkis, Greece