Our Biophage Range

The Biophage range is an easy-mix option comprised of advanced biological inoculants to improve silage quality and stability.


Biophage X

Easy-mix grass preservative

Supports rapid fermentation of grass silage, ideal for normal or wet conditions up to 30% DM

Biophage Gold

Easy-mix grass formulation for variable conditions

Ideal for dry silages above 30% DM where clamp waste from heating may be a concern

Biophage Green

Easy-mix grass formulation for organic situations

Easy-mix grass formulation suitable for use in organic systems in place of Biophage X

Biophage Wholecrop

Easy-mix grass formulation for wholecrop silage

Aids stability for a wide variety of wholecrops with differing dry matter range

Biophage Crimp

Easy-mix grass formulation for grain crimping

Crimping cereals with Biophage Crimp is the modern alternative to traditional acids

Biophage Maize

Easy-mix grass formulation for maize silage

Supports rapid fermentation of maize silage, to reduce losses and maximise output