Q: We don't have very much quality silage this year and feeding straw for a while to the sucklers could help. What should I feed with it?

A: You are in the same situation as many this year. The key is that you need to feed a supplement that will help the cows digest the straw more efficiently. If this happens then they will naturally eat more. You should be looking for urea protein and an instant form of energy and this can be found in a high protein liquid feed. Easi-Pro 40 is the best answer which also contains targeted trace elements and vitamins formulated to improve straw feeding. Don't fall into the trap of buying a non-formulated liquid as this will only improve palatability which will not encourage them to eat enough - concentrate on improving digestibility.

Q: The ewes will be going to the tup mid-October and I am looking for something to help conception rates. Do you have something I could give them so I know that they all have had it?

A: The best answer is to drench them with 20ml of Ex-Sel Advance Tupping drench at around 4 weeks from tupping. This will help improve fertility and increase the chances of them holding early. We manufacture the drench ourselves which allows us to put it on an Acetona base which is unique. This means that the nutrients are more efficiently absorbed and therefore better utilised by the animal. This is a very good option for tupping, especially if you have a good flush of grass or they are in good condition. You only get one chance to influence the starting point of next year’s lamb crop.

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