Monday 3rd July

Forty years is a long time in any person’s life so it is with pleasure that I pen a tribute to Ian Gordon from Cornwall who has attended and worked diligently to establish a popular and successful trade stand at the Royal Cornwall Show.

Wednesday 28th June

The Denis Brinicombe Group announces two new appointments within the sales division 

Thursday 2nd February

The Denis Brinicombe Group announces three new appointments to strengthen and support Customer Relations across the business. 

17th December 2014

With the continued expansion of the Denis Brinicombe Group across the sales brands of Brinicombe Agri, Zintec Agri and b2b Nutrition the Group has appointed Janet Preece to the new role of Compliance Manager as part of the Technical Department.

4th June, 2014

Farm animal nutrition company Denis Brinicombe Group has appointed two new key personnel to assist with its growing UK trade. The Devon-based family-owned business manufactures and supplies feed and animal health products both to merchants and on-farm across the UK, with an annual turnover in excess of £10 million.

Zintec Agri launches two new product ranges and creates a winner at this year’s Royal Welsh Show. ZinCaps and diet-Liquid Feed are two new product ranges that will help the livestock farmer this year. ZinCaps are an effective and easy method of providing a nutrient boost with a lasting effect, and diet-Liquid Feed is a new range of 6 specially formulated liquid feeds.

The Denis Brinicombe Group have announced a slight re-brand of their UK direct farm division to recognise the company’s continuing diversification and involvement in more than farm sales.


The Denis Brinicombe Group has launched their new-look website today which is designed to increase the online offerings from the Company and make the users experience more interactive.

After lengthly negotiations the Denis Brinicombe Group, in partnership with Equine Nutrition Australia has announced the launch of Think Fly throughout Australia in the latter part of 2012, reports Keith Greig, Managing Director for the Denis Brinicombe Group.
The prevalence of this economically challenging condition is often more noticeable at this time of year as lambs are most commonly clinically affected between the ages of 4-7 weeks, warns James Brinicombe, R&D Director of the Denis Brinicombe Group. This disease affects lambs indoors and at grass with equal measure, although intensively reared lambs may be at greater risk.
Much has been made in the national press about vitamin D and the effect on human health when a deficiency occurs. Many of the points made can also be true for ruminants and the effect on the health and production of livestock when inadequate levels of vitamin D are in the diet, says James Brinicombe, R&D Director for the Denis Brinicombe Group.
The start of 2012 saw the launch of a new mineral product exclusively for goats from the Denis Brinicombe Group. Extensively trialled in 2011, Premium Goat Balancer is formulated to benefit all breeds and types of goats including milking, Boer, Pygmies and the companion goat.
Across the country flocks are gearing up in preparation for another critical period in the shepherd's calendar; lambing. Particular care of the ewes should be undertaken in the last trimester to help reduce the mortality rate of neonatal lambs and maximise flock profitability, advises James Brinicombe, R & D Director of the Denis Brinicombe Group.

Brand new for the 2012 lambing season is our:

Life-Saver Energy Bucket

The Denis Brinicombe Group has taken two of the most popular products from its Scottish based Lachlan Macgregor Feeds division and launched them nationally.
Copper is an important trace element for all livestock, with many functions in the body.

Condition scoring is a useful management tool,which can help to improve flock performance. Typically lowland ewes should be condition score 3 and hill ewes at 2.5 - 3. Don't forget the ram who is equally important and should be at condition score 3.5 - 4.  

Sub-clinical coccidiosis is always underestimated, as there are no clinical signs but it is responsible for poor growth rates especially at times of stress such as weaning and transportation.
Farmer E, of Spreyton, Devon used Super Tup for the first time last year; he had three batches of ewes.
Four years ago Mr E requested his rep analyse his grass, forage and grain to try to get to the bottom of the problems he was encountering with his herd of Aberdeen Angus X's and flock of Cross Halfbred's and Texels despite already supplementing them with minerals.