Brand new for the 2012 lambing season is our:

Life-Saver Energy Bucket

Brand new for the 2012 lambing season is our:

Life-Saver Energy Bucket

Ewe Feeding...

The demands placed on a ewe in the build up to lambing are well documented with around 70% of the unborn lambs' growth taking place in the final four weeks of pregnancy.

This means that the nutritional demands on the ewe in the latter stages of pregnancy are massive and the need for energy is enormous.

Any energy supplemented around this time should be in a concentrated form as rumen space is limited because of the growing foetus.

Life-Saver Energy Bucket...

Life-Saver Energy Bucket comes in sturdy 25kg buckets which make it easy to feed and will fit most feeding regimes.

The crucial ingredient in this highly effective profuct is its massive energy content of 17ME which is a combination of protected energy sources as well as readily available sucrose.

A targeted package of minerals, trace elements and vitamins which are formulated to not only meet the ewes demands but also to drip feed key nutrients into the unborn lamb are added as standard which make Life-Saver Energy one of the most effective and specific pre-lambing products on the market today.

Key Benefits...

Life-Saver Energy Bucket is formulated to provide the following benefits:

  • A market leading leading 17ME
  • Protected and instant energy sources
  • Targeted mineral package
  • High selenium and vitamin E levels
  • Palatable product to ensure intakes
  • Easy to handle 25kg tub sizes
  • Free access feeding reduces bullying

Life-Saver Energy should be fed at any time when additional energy is required in the diet but has particular application from 4 weeks pre-lambing.

How to order...

Ordering Life-Saver Energy to ensure your flock has what it needs to make the difference this lambing season couldn't be easier. Simply get in touch with our Mineral Clinic service free on 0800 374325 and they can arrange it for you or contact your local Territory Sales Manager and they will take care of it and ensure your product is delivered in time for lambing.


Other New Products...

In addition to Life-Saver we have also launched our new Breathe-Well Bucket this winter.

Designed to reduce coughing and support a healthy respiratory system in cattle, early feedback has been excellent with many customers boasting of vastly improved health in housed stock. Call the Mineral Clinic on 0800 374325 for more details.