Today the Denis Brinicombe Group launches a new Tubby, which is formulated to aid faster finishing and overall improved performance on all beef ration regimes.

Beef Finisher Tubby will help beef producers maximise the growth rates of cattle, whatever  feed is being used.

The Tubby contains CRINATM, which is a blend of natural essential oils, along with rumen specific live Yeast-ExTM. These two products , natural rumen function enhancers, work together so the forage and cereals consumed by the beef animal will be utilised to maximum effect.

CRINATM along with Yeast-ExTM helps to stabilise the rumen, reducing metabolic problems such as Acidosis, so forage intakes are higher, boosting energy and daily liveweight gains resulting in improved feed conversion rates and earlier finishing.

Rations containing a high proportion of cereals will benefit from using the Beef Finisher Tubby, as these animals are often prone to Acidosis, which will hinder finishing times and carcase quality.

The Tubby can also be fed to grazing animals, as it will still have the same effect to help improve forage intakes and maintain a healthy rumen function.

Vitamin E is included in the formulation at a high level, as research has shown that Vitamin E improves the keeping quality of meat following slaughter.

Overall the Tubby is formulated with high levels of trace elements, along with CRINATM and Yeast-ExTM, as being essential to maximise muscle growth and maintain overall health for fast finishing.