Monday 3rd July

Forty years is a long time in any person’s life so it is with pleasure that I pen a tribute to Ian Gordon from Cornwall who has attended and worked diligently to establish a popular and successful trade stand at the Royal Cornwall Show.

When he started showing in 1977 he was a representative for FSL Ltd (before FSL Bells) and soon gathered customers to their site for friendly chat, refreshments and placing orders. This grew and eventually Ian and wife Trixie were dominant at the same site for years. Often there would be a queue of customers waiting to come in. When FSL BELLS were taken over by Tate and Lyle in 1993 the business grew as before and often Ian was listed in the Top Ten most successful representatives in the UK producing good solid business year after year.

In 2002 the Tate and Lyle agricultural section was bought by the Denis Brinicombe Group, now Brinicombe Agri, who welcomed him and his business abilities serving his original area in Cornwall and part of South Devon. We were impressed by his knowledge and endeavours to advance into an ever-changing agricultural world. He was particularly appreciated by many Dairy farmers who he helped with the new regulations, costings and problems.

Since being in Brinicombe Agri I want to thank him seriously for his contribution and thank him and Trixie for their joint gallant effort over the years. This is also appreciated by my family, directors and management. Ian is a good, intelligent and generous man who has great pride in the achievements he created. Thank you so much.

Denis Brinicombe