Zintec has upgraded and re-launched two important products in their animal health range. The successful Imutien Colostrum packs have been enhanced with additional nutrients to ensure newborn calves and lambs get the best possible start in life. The rebranded Imutien Extra Colostrum is available in 1kg sealable tubs which supply 50 lamb or 5 calf doses.

The VitaCalf birth products have also benefitted from an enhancement. Supplied in 10 calf packs, VitaCalf Capsules or VitaCalf Premium Paste can be used on farms with a history of digestive upsets. Whether the product of choice dictates that two capsules or one syringe is used within 8 hours of birth, either can be administered with confidence.

For further details contact the Zintec office on 01568 708008.

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