The Mineral Clinic advertising concept was set up by Denis Brinicombe in 1986 and gave farmers a regular question and answer forum on seasonal animal health and nutritional issues in the national farming press.

Over the years it evolved and has grown into what it is today; a stand-alone department within the company that is regarded as the advice line for farmers nationwide.
The Clinics’ telephones are manned during office hours by a team of highly trained advisors, backed up with the expertise of our Technical Department. All enquiries are treated individually with advice and recommendations given to match the unique requirements of that particular farm.

The adverts themselves have now gone full circle. Instead of providing seasonal tips, they are now published weekly listing the main questions our advisors have been asked that week. By doing this, we can share the answers given with thousands of readers at once, who can then all benefit from our help, advice and recommendations.

The Mineral Clinic has also kept abreast with modern technology. If the telephone is not the preferred route of communication, questions can be posted and previous answers viewed on the Groups’ website. All email enquiries receive a personal reply from the department which ensures information is shared 24 hours/day, 7 days/week all over the world.

 Mineral Clinic Adverts