Today the Denis Brinicombe Group launches a new Tubby, which is formulated to aid faster finishing and overall improved performance on all beef ration regimes.
Today the Denis Brinicombe Group releases details of their 2011 Brin-SEED grass seed mixtures.
Recent EU legislation  has had the effect of reducing the level of cobalt in mineral supplements, both powder minerals and other dry goods products, including buckets, to a level that must not be 100mg/kg or more.
For nearly 40 years, when protection from Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia) is vital, the Denis Brinicombe Group has been at the forefront of supplying an easily absorbable form of magnesium in a molasses base to be made available to vulnerable stock on a free access basis.
In April 2008 the Denis Brinicombe Group acquired the Scottish based Lachlan Macgregor Feeds business and as a result inherited an own label brand of grass seed. This own label product, formulated by the internationally respected seed house of Barenbrug UK Ltd, was sold to customers in the parts of Scotland covered by the business and this policy has continued since the acquisition.
Shepherds have known for years that fishmeal has been a valuable supplement for sheep but it is only in recent years that scientists have really understood why it is so effective, especially at tupping time and before lambing.
In his speech to the 2010 Oxford Farming Conference the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt. Hon. Hilary Benn MP, stated that The Voluntary Action Plan, on which the Government and the industry are working together, has an aim that in the next 10 years agriculture will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3 million tonnes a year.
Coccidia are tiny parasites that live in the cells of sheep intestines. The tiny oocysts containing the infective stages are passed out in the animals' faeces and are picked up by other sheep through contaminated feed and water. 
Improved nutritional specifications, feeding versatility and excellent palatability are the central benefits on offer from a comprehensive new vitamin and mineral product range being launched by the Denis Brinicombe Group.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has just completed a one million pound update of their entire fleet of 14 TransAg dedicated distribution vehicles.

Today the Denis Brinicombe Group releases a new product onto the UK market.

Grainsave Triple Action is an essential grain treatment that will
• Eliminate drying costs
• Halt the growth of moulds, stopping the production of mycotoxins
• Reduce dust

Due to the poor quality of much of the forage fed over the winter period to both dairy and suckler cows we could see an increase in the incidents of Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia) on any farm across the UK when stock are turned out at this time of the year.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has found that a number of farmers have been unhappy with their winter rations and have encountered a higher than normal incidence of metabolic disorders.
The management of pregnant ewes in the last six weeks of gestation has a very distinct effect on birth weights, growth and survivability of the lamb.
Trial work on milking sheep carried out at the University of Salamanca, Spain using the Denis Brinicombe Group Orvec Super Tup supplement has shown an increase in ewe fertility of over 17%. An additional unexpected benefit was that there was a substantial increase in milk yield and, although less significant for milking sheep, there was also an increase in multiple births.
The Denis Brinicombe Group are inviting all customers who buy Biophage grass preservative before the 20th December 2008 to join them in the Christmas festivities by giving them a gift of one bottle of Arran Malt Whisky for every 5 packs of preservative purchased.
Farmers are becoming more and more concerned about the state of the feed crops standing in the fields at the moment.
Today the DBG release the latest addition to their Soil Association approved range of organic tubs.
The Denis Brinicombe Group has developed a new ‘family’ of three sheep drenches, which between them, are formulated to provide a single dose, targeted programme from pre-tupping to lamb weaning.
Now that the first cut of silage has been taken, and in some cases second cut is not far away minds will soon be turning to reseeding pastures.